Live today as if it was your last!

If today was your last day on this earth, what would you want to do if it were possible?

Would it be to see someone, share a secret, or make a dream a reality?

Say sorry?


Give away something?

Do what your heart has wanted to but have always been afraid?

I think each day is a miracle.
Live today like it was your last.
What difference does it make anyway if its not.
Because really, you get to do all the things you thought you never would.

~ Jean R ~


I Don’t know!!!

“Stuck, confused,
feeling lost.

For a moment,
time can be an endless

Hold on, wait,
there is a new wave, a surge
a breath, a moment
that will pass.

And now you have

~ Jean R ~

So, I have a question?

So, if today was your last day on this earth, what do you think you would want to accomplish? Who would you like to see or spend time with?
What would be your greatest desire?
Is there someone you need to say sorry too?
I woke this morning with this question after a bad dream? It left me thinking that life is too short. Why wait for a time or an opportunity that may not come. Make each day count. Your dreams are yours to fulfill..

Go for it!!!