Its your choice!

The choices we make
are not always the right one.

But they are still our choices
to make.

Regret, forced out of need
whatever the reason

Its still our choice.

Good or bad
its still our choice.

So choose wisely

These choices after all
are ours to make.

Our responsibility

So make the right choice,
not out of emotion.

Choose from the heart,
that deep voice that speaks
truth and the desire
not to hurt or be unjust
to those who we say we

After all its still our choice.

~ Jean R ~


Bushfire Crisis.

Today I saw flames destroy everything in its path. My family were trapped. The fire showed its fury like I have not seen in many years. The skies were filled with beautiful yet an ominous orange glow. And as the sun went down, the hills lit up like millions of beautiful candles with amazing orange and yellow flames. Once again we were at the mercy of this incredible force.
Prestigious trees and fields that stretched for miles no longer held the colors of life. Now there was only a stench of loss and destruction.
My family once trapped were now allowed to leave, with bags and necessities. Animals accounted for and personal items. They were some of the fortunate ones.

I can only believe in the resilience of people to rise up and help those in need.

I would just like to take this time to give thanks to the blessings of life, our families,
precious friends and volunteers who give freely of their time to help out wherever the need may be..

~ Jean R ~

Your Journey

“Looking out into the
horizon, there are
thoughts of friends.

Who are these friends
that stand by you
through the good times
and the bad?

Who are these gems
that see you are
just different .
With no judgement,
no expectations,
secrets are safe,
your weakness
considered unique.

A friend, a trusted
buddy, companion,
mate, whatever you
name it .
They are a piece of
your journey,
a journey shared.
A testimony of
who you are.

True friendship
forgives and loves
you, sharing
life’s journey

~ Jean R ~

Be Free!

“Have you ever wanted
to say what you feel!
The truth of your joy
the truth
of your hurt.
But the fear
you will cause pain
keeps the truth in

So who suffers,
Is this a lie.

Fear destroys,
love builds up.

Know that love
is a warrior,
a protector
a conquerer.

Truth will
set you free
from the pain
of silence.

Be free!

~ Jean R ~