Just want to say thank you to all my blogger friends!

SONY DSCI love poetry, writing, photography and really anything to do with words. ¬†And if it were not for discovering “blogging” I would never

have had the absolute joy of reading and discovering so much talent.

There is inspiration when I need it, joy when I am down, courage when I need a lift, lessons to be learnt and

stories that can only benefit my knowledge each day.

So thank you all so very much.


My new past!

“My friend,
the past may
have regrets.

But from tomorrow
Is your new past.

Yes! The past, its gone,
It cannot be changed.

So move forward,
because tomorrow is your
new past..

Change, have new dreams, hope
and desire
today, tomorrow
is your new past, new life,
new beginnings.

No more regrets..


~ Jean R ~

Your Journey

“Looking out into the
horizon, there are
thoughts of friends.

Who are these friends
that stand by you
through the good times
and the bad?

Who are these gems
that see you are
just different .
With no judgement,
no expectations,
secrets are safe,
your weakness
considered unique.

A friend, a trusted
buddy, companion,
mate, whatever you
name it .
They are a piece of
your journey,
a journey shared.
A testimony of
who you are.

True friendship
forgives and loves
you, sharing
life’s journey

~ Jean R ~

Window of Life!

“Look through
the window
and see life.
Maybe a reflection
of you, but
you can still
see through.
Life is this journey
sometimes clear
sometimes a shadow.
Still it is a window,
look through and see
life, open it and
breathe hope,
close it and
be at peace
you can always
see through”

~ Jean R ~