Sadness is like poison,
all consuming with no
limit or care to its

Peace is that feeling
of comfort like
a feeling of this
is ok.
Maybe not always what
we hope for but
still we have peace.

Seek to find peace in
the small things.
What we take for granted.
And may not be there tomorrow.

Seek peace in knowing you
are the one you need
to live with first.
Be happy and confident
in you.

After all you are worth it.
Sadness is no more.
You deserve to find peace
in whatever choice you

~ Jean R ~



Its your choice!

The choices we make
are not always the right one.

But they are still our choices
to make.

Regret, forced out of need
whatever the reason

Its still our choice.

Good or bad
its still our choice.

So choose wisely

These choices after all
are ours to make.

Our responsibility

So make the right choice,
not out of emotion.

Choose from the heart,
that deep voice that speaks
truth and the desire
not to hurt or be unjust
to those who we say we

After all its still our choice.

~ Jean R ~


What is patience?

Does it mean we should give up on the things we truly believe in and stop fighting for it?

Or is it that we just except it wasn’t meant to be?

I feel that we should always fight for what we want in life, whatever that may be.
But there is a point where we need to know when to stop fighting and let whatever it is take its own course.

When your dream becomes an obsession and the joy is no longer there beside the sadness of defeat.

Know that it is not defeat, you have not lost.

The truth is its just time to move on to the next stage of your life.

What is too be will be.

So enjoy life, friends, family, new beginnings and patience will flow much easier as time goes by.

~ Jean R ~

( I wrote this at a time when i realized that when a situation cannot be changed, patience is a hard order to keep. But when your focus is shifted, patience comes naturally)

Kangaroos enjoying their day!


Check these beauties out. Went for a run, and look over to see some spectators watching me.

Just the day prior i was saddened because of so much road kill , due either to accident, bushfire’s and the lack of land available to these beautiful creatures because of continuous construction.
So they come inland looking for water.

This was a beautiful way to end my day.

Moment of Silence

“Today i looked out my window,
and silence was all around me.
I could see the trees, the clouds
and the birds,
but all i could hear was silence.

My eyes searching for
sound in the noise
of the silence.

Gently the sounds begun
to sing in my ears.

This moment of silence,
my thoughts found peace”

~ Jean R ~