The Black Pearl!

The road, endlessly leading you into the horizon.

Eyes fixed on a white heartbeat. The line that offers up Comradery, radio banter and mates.

Dancing pin holes off red lights in the distance assures you safety is in the pack. 

Body, mind and soul of the road captains.

Respect, honor & friendship. 

The Black Pearl….
~ Jean R ~

(dedicated to all the truckers out there, whose courage and committment is worthy of honor)



Read somewhere today that “life is not a about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain”..

I thought this was so perfect when I think abouf the “time” wasted worrying about the things in our life we cannot change..

There is so much more we can do with that time, until the storm passes..

~ Jean R ~

Their stories!

Whispers, tales of
journeys untold.

Listen to the depth
of truth.
Secrets from afar.
Paths chosen, yet
survival surpassed.

Sometimes regret, but
always a yearning to
push on and finish the race.

Strong bonds are formed
a code of friendship sealed.

These ships of the road,
working endlessly to
serve our country.

With valuable stories
to tell we honor these
captains of the road.


~ Jean R ~



Have you ever sat and just observed people. Their likes, habits, dislikes, hates, what some of us call OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), I don’t like this discription, the choices they make, and wondered “Why”? Why do they do certain things, say such things, act such a way?

Do you find these things annoy you, easily, more and more each time. I mean really get under your skin. Just to hear their answer or action to something makes you angry inside.

Observation of my self this week.
Why would “I”, react a certain way to others peoples choices? ( lets just say its a negative rection, as negative is what gets a response these days)

Is it because I actually cared about this person?
Or is it because I morally or ethically disagreed with their choice?

Could it be that they just did not fit the right mould so to speak of what I thought was the way things should go or unfold. ( more or less the way “I” want it to be).

Ok, so that leaves me with what?

How do you walk away, accept, say Ok, thats you and this is me, I don’t like it but thats your way not mine, agree to disagree?

My conlcusion!
Stop focusing on other people and the negative and spend more time on what makes you happy.
Someone once said “never give up the pursuit of happiness” but there is another part to this.
Let happiness be the purpose of your pursuit.

You, me, we deserve to be happy. Whatever, shape, form, word or experience that comes in!!!

Today I am happy knowing that the world may be a bit of a mess, but if I open my eyes long enough and observe what is around me. I see that regardless, this world is a beautiful place, and yes there are beautiful people also.