Shadows of me! (continued) – Diary excerpts.

Hi everyone, 

I have really had a hard time sharing my story. Although taking parts out of my diary appeared to be a lot easier for me, it still is a struggle. In my mind I can hear people say that I will never be free until I come to terms with my past in telling my story. I am not so sure anymore. Acceptance has never been the issue, moving forward has been hard but I did it.  Is there scars from my past, yes!  But they are only scars.  No longer are they an open wound. 

So please bare with me while I figure this out the best way I can.  I believe there is hope for even the most hurt people if there is love around us. Without love though it is hard to survive. It takes your own self resiliance to survive. I do want to survive and believe this world has much to offer me.

Be back soon I hope.


( True accounts from my diary.)



What is Love?

“To some love is receiving.
To others it is giving.

Love truly is unconditional
Love is forgiving.
Love understands people’s weakness.

Love is giving!
To those who hearts are broken,
to those who mourn,
to those who are sorry for past hurts.
to those who mean the most to us
to those we call family.

Love has the power to change bad to good.
Love does not require gifts or
money spent or confirmation with words alone.

Love has no enemies.

After all it is our choice to Love.

~ Jean R ~