Addicted to the drive!

Within the depth of our being,
there is a desire that needs no
Maybe it’s dreams or the love of our lives.

Stay addicted to the drive.

It is here all things are possible..

~ Jean R ~


Weakeness is strength!

“Weakness, really is a discovery of strength.
It takes courage and strength to show emotion, share your heart and true feelings.
Lets change the way the world sees weakness and and give praise to those who are truly stronger than most of us in so many ways”

~ Jean R ~


Hear me!

When love has left and
you are alone, silence
and emptiness echo’s.

Remember, that tomorrow
will come.
Your life has a path, a destiny
yet to be filled.

Don’t let anyone take that
away from you.

You were born with a purpose.
Find strength in knowing that
You are a blessing to someone.

~ Jean R ~


These are such valuable questions many would like to know the answer too.
For me i guess, it is how long and how much of your life are you prepared to wait and find out.
People don’t always change although we wish they would. They realize when it is lost. But is a lesson learnt. Bottom line is we make a choice to put up with it or move on. In my life this has been a major decision as it is for many.

Thank you for the encouragement & reminder that we all still have a choice..