Eyes of Innocence!!

” When i looked into her eyes, there was innocence, white, pure!

My worries, concerns all fell away like autumn leaves.  The overwhelming foreboding disappeared into the fantasy of “story time…”

~ Jean R ~

( I wrote this poem about my beautiful niece, who has a love for stories, by simply making a game out of words, can turn my world around in minutes.. Thank you) 


Weakeness is strength!

“Weakness, really is a discovery of strength.
It takes courage and strength to show emotion, share your heart and true feelings.
Lets change the way the world sees weakness and and give praise to those who are truly stronger than most of us in so many ways”

~ Jean R ~


What is Love?

“To some love is receiving.
To others it is giving.

Love truly is unconditional
Love is forgiving.
Love understands people’s weakness.

Love is giving!
To those who hearts are broken,
to those who mourn,
to those who are sorry for past hurts.
to those who mean the most to us
to those we call family.

Love has the power to change bad to good.
Love does not require gifts or
money spent or confirmation with words alone.

Love has no enemies.

After all it is our choice to Love.

~ Jean R ~