My Reasons!

” Today it is one of heartache,

to see those who once were strong 

and protective, just slipping away

like ice-cream on a hot day.

Dignity, respect, joy, loneliness,

depression, fear, sorrow, emptiness,

and the feeling of loss. 

Aged and sometimes frail,

yet full of life and stamina,

parents can drain you.

Callous words, forgetfulness,

robs you of memories gone by.

Stay strong they say, ignore the pain,

just put it all aside. 

Words do hurt and cause trauma,

sometimes so deep, that to disappear

is a good option.

But who cares for these souls, 

who once carried us through

life’s hurdles. When life has moved on

and they are left behind?

I was told today that miracles 

do happen.

Forgiveness, compassion & kindness.

Deep in my soul, in the silence of my

reasons to continue this journey.

I pray for peace in their hearts”.

~ Jean R ~ 



“Have you ever felt that everyone around you just don’t care.
They are all afraid to speak out the truth, or hide behind
“i don’t want to get involved, leave me out of it”.

What do you call that?
Avoid the issue and it will go away!

Or, is it that people don’t want to go through the possible repercussions of maybe having to choose sides.
Most people would say ” i don’t want to choose, I’m on both sides. To an extent this can work.
It is not always about what is “right or wrong”.
I have come to realize in my life that sometimes, we all need to make hard choices. And yes sooner or later “not getting involved” has pushed someone to their extreme limit.
Some feel rejection, judgement, loneliness, sadness, suicide, unworthiness, and simply never feeling like you truly belong

To those who feel it best to “not get involved”. There is no judgement here. We all do what we feel is best at the time.

My message is for all those who have been victims of gossip, family splits, bullying, violence, whether verbal, physical or emotional. trauma of loosing loved ones and being alone.

It is with deepest empathy that I reach out to you all and tell you that there are people out there who “want to get involved”. That have the resources to help you find the dignity you so deserve.
Please don’t give up, speak it out, because someone will hear you.
You ARE CARED about, you ARE VALUED!

As a race we have a lot to learn.
You can be their role model by showing them the mercies, grace and forgiveness every human deserves by speaking out. Give someone another chance to help you.

Never give up hope never, never, never! You will be heard.

~ Jean R ~

Aussie Farmer’s in Drought!

What a heart wrenching time.
Aussie Farmers, men and women who
have worked so hard to provide
for themselves and their country,

Death is eminent for the life stock,
absolute horror at the lack of
food and water.
A cruel end to life and
the farmers livelihood.

Sadness, depression, financial
hardship and lack of
hope sets in for these amazing
farmers who provide what we
sometimes take for granted.
Sitting on our supermarket
shelves is what is left of
their hard work and income.

This is our country, your country.
These are our people, our animals,
our land that is struggling to stay alive.

Please do what you can, pray,
offer food for stock, water is in
desperate need.
Be a friend, offer a helping hand.

Our Aussie farmers need our help
and support.

~ Jean R ~