Life, in so few words!

“The business of life
Is the acquisition
of memories”

( I heard this quote somewhere, and remember being quite taken aback by the wisdom or assurance in it.
Hope you get the same if not more from this wonderful
little piece of written excellence!)

~ photo taken few days after bush fires in Mickelham ~



Sadness in my heart..Bushfire Crisis

There was a sadness in my heart today
as I ventured out to stricken areas
effected by the fires.

My eyes took in the pain and loss.
Shells of homes and properties.
Sickness overcome me,
and an overwhelming feeling of despair
to see continuous hills of black charred trees
and that stench, deathly smell of burning.
No carnage to be seen except by the roadsides.

My eyes searched for life. I looked up
and soaring majestically where
three eagles.

Beauty beyond words for a fleeting
moment my heart felt joy.

Life is a miracle.

~ Jean R ~
( Photograph taken of this magnificent eagle in Mickelham – Victoria)



Victory – Bushfire Crisis!

“Victory. at last!
Your time of destruction
has finally been contained.
You currently are no longer a threat.
A glimpse o haze in the skies is a reminder

Although you have caused much
loss and sorrow. Our instinct
is to rise up and move forward.
We are not slave to you.

Today we stand together
as a people of courage.
Reaching out with a caring hand.
to our neighbor or a stranger.
We are forever connected through this circumstance.

Remember, we know your weakness”.

(Victorian bushfire crisis)

~ Jean R ~

Calm before the Storm. – Bushfire Crisis!

Today I looked out to see the remains of the destruction and all I could see was a fog, thick and moist. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils that it made me cough. So thick I could not see the horizon. My eyes burnt with the potent stench of smoke that was filled with devastation, loss and fear of the fire that rampaged this land.
You moved onwards today fire, seeking your next victory. We could only watch and pray, assist where possible and seek refuge when necessary.
There are hero’s, firefighters, volunteers, neighbors, community workers and friends who have defended the lives of those in your path.
It is not a victory for you, because the human spirit is much stronger and more powerful than you.
We know your weaknesses and can cause you to cease to exist. Water! Our friend but your enemy.
Let us await the much anticipated rain and tame this rampant beast. Fire!

~ Jean R ~

( Written about bushfire’s in Australia)

Bushfire Crisis.

Today I saw flames destroy everything in its path. My family were trapped. The fire showed its fury like I have not seen in many years. The skies were filled with beautiful yet an ominous orange glow. And as the sun went down, the hills lit up like millions of beautiful candles with amazing orange and yellow flames. Once again we were at the mercy of this incredible force.
Prestigious trees and fields that stretched for miles no longer held the colors of life. Now there was only a stench of loss and destruction.
My family once trapped were now allowed to leave, with bags and necessities. Animals accounted for and personal items. They were some of the fortunate ones.

I can only believe in the resilience of people to rise up and help those in need.

I would just like to take this time to give thanks to the blessings of life, our families,
precious friends and volunteers who give freely of their time to help out wherever the need may be..

~ Jean R ~


You are destructive yet
you can promote new life.

You can refine something ugly
into a beautiful gem and next
minute instill fear, loss and
tremendous heartache that tears
at your soul.
Wildlife, fauna, such beauty and
precious life lost.
Nothing but black ash.

You are a necessity in our
lives but you are not our master,
nor we your servant.
We will live this life. Not as a friend,
nor a foe, but
side by side.

~ Jean R ~

( Poem written about bush fires in Victoria)