The Black Pearl

“The road, endlessly leading you into the horizon.

Eyes fixed on the white heartbeat.
The line that offers up comradery,
radio banter and mates.

Dancing pin holes of red lights in the distance
assures you safety in the pack.

Body, mind and spirit of the road captains
we call truckers is respect, honour
and friendship”

~ Jean R ~


Kangaroos enjoying their day!


Check these beauties out. Went for a run, and look over to see some spectators watching me.

Just the day prior i was saddened because of so much road kill , due either to accident, bushfire’s and the lack of land available to these beautiful creatures because of continuous construction.
So they come inland looking for water.

This was a beautiful way to end my day.

Aussie Farmer’s in Drought!

What a heart wrenching time.
Aussie Farmers, men and women who
have worked so hard to provide
for themselves and their country,

Death is eminent for the life stock,
absolute horror at the lack of
food and water.
A cruel end to life and
the farmers livelihood.

Sadness, depression, financial
hardship and lack of
hope sets in for these amazing
farmers who provide what we
sometimes take for granted.
Sitting on our supermarket
shelves is what is left of
their hard work and income.

This is our country, your country.
These are our people, our animals,
our land that is struggling to stay alive.

Please do what you can, pray,
offer food for stock, water is in
desperate need.
Be a friend, offer a helping hand.

Our Aussie farmers need our help
and support.

~ Jean R ~


Calm before the Storm. – Bushfire Crisis!

Today I looked out to see the remains of the destruction and all I could see was a fog, thick and moist. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils that it made me cough. So thick I could not see the horizon. My eyes burnt with the potent stench of smoke that was filled with devastation, loss and fear of the fire that rampaged this land.
You moved onwards today fire, seeking your next victory. We could only watch and pray, assist where possible and seek refuge when necessary.
There are hero’s, firefighters, volunteers, neighbors, community workers and friends who have defended the lives of those in your path.
It is not a victory for you, because the human spirit is much stronger and more powerful than you.
We know your weaknesses and can cause you to cease to exist. Water! Our friend but your enemy.
Let us await the much anticipated rain and tame this rampant beast. Fire!

~ Jean R ~

( Written about bushfire’s in Australia)

Bushfire Crisis.

Today I saw flames destroy everything in its path. My family were trapped. The fire showed its fury like I have not seen in many years. The skies were filled with beautiful yet an ominous orange glow. And as the sun went down, the hills lit up like millions of beautiful candles with amazing orange and yellow flames. Once again we were at the mercy of this incredible force.
Prestigious trees and fields that stretched for miles no longer held the colors of life. Now there was only a stench of loss and destruction.
My family once trapped were now allowed to leave, with bags and necessities. Animals accounted for and personal items. They were some of the fortunate ones.

I can only believe in the resilience of people to rise up and help those in need.

I would just like to take this time to give thanks to the blessings of life, our families,
precious friends and volunteers who give freely of their time to help out wherever the need may be..

~ Jean R ~