Windows to my soul!

‘With the windows to our soul
we see beauty that words can’t
always describe.
But our eyes do not lie”

~ Jean R ~The eyes to my soul!


Be Free!

“Have you ever wanted
to say what you feel!
The truth of your joy
the truth
of your hurt.
But the fear
you will cause pain
keeps the truth in

So who suffers,
Is this a lie.

Fear destroys,
love builds up.

Know that love
is a warrior,
a protector
a conquerer.

Truth will
set you free
from the pain
of silence.

Be free!

~ Jean R ~

Good times!

You, my friend
no judgement
just unconditional love
acceptance for who
i am
Listen, and grow
with me.
Good times and
bad times are
ours to share
We will stand
together and not
Perfection is not
our goal.
It is joy of life
friendships, family
and love.
Unconditional love
of a friend is

~Jean R~