Eyes of Innocence!!

” When i looked into her eyes, there was innocence, white, pure!

My worries, concerns all fell away like autumn leaves.  The overwhelming foreboding disappeared into the fantasy of “story time…”

~ Jean R ~

( I wrote this poem about my beautiful niece, who has a love for stories, by simply making a game out of words, can turn my world around in minutes.. Thank you) 


Their stories!

Whispers, tales of
journeys untold.

Listen to the depth
of truth.
Secrets from afar.
Paths chosen, yet
survival surpassed.

Sometimes regret, but
always a yearning to
push on and finish the race.

Strong bonds are formed
a code of friendship sealed.

These ships of the road,
working endlessly to
serve our country.

With valuable stories
to tell we honor these
captains of the road.


~ Jean R ~


My Mother!

A woman of strength and courage.
The determination to protect and provide for her family against all odds.

Sickness now her enemy.
Where once was strength is now frailty.
Eyes filled with sadness, holding on to any ounce of dignity she has left.

Life can be cruel where our loved ones are concerned.
But i am honored to have this woman in my life.

If i could change one thing, i would trade places with you in a heart beat

Love you mum!

~ Jean R ~