A Letter

I think we should never give up the fight for what we believe in. Yes it is difficult at times. But our fight is something SO personal. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Vanessa Filo

If I could count how many times I’ve run… it would bring me much pain.
… And when I run, it’s like my heart can’t stop beating. Fear fills my lungs and the air I just breathed no longer exists. My body moves as if it has no form… it has no intention. Just instinct: to run. To escape.

I am so tired of running. My heart, it’s worn and I feel alone.

I, don’t fear your presence. I fear my courage. I have fought the good fight because of you. And I’ll go again but please, just not now. Please.

I didn’t sign up for shame. Yet I find me hiding from you and your life.
–Still. I’ll run when I should stand. I run when I have truth on my side.

Go ahead – create your own truth. Drown truth with lies and mark it with twisted…

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