How to deal with Vindictive People

It’s hard I know, but really it’s not worth the heartache that comes with people who are destined to destroy you. It’s a character trait I believe most do not want to be associated with.
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How Leaders Manage


A vindictive person is someone who seeks vengeance on someone for a perceived wrong they’ve had to suffer at the hands of someone else. They lie patiently like a viper, in wait of the opportune moment to get even and make someone suffer, just like they have suffered whether it’s justified or not. They can’t wait to settle the score. They physically enjoy seeing other people suffer because to them, this is justice.

When something doesn’t go their way they go into vengeance mode. Someone must pay. These people are so hard to spot because they are often friendly to your face, smiling, looking you in the eye, and attempting to make small talk with you. A gut feeling tells you something is off, but then your guilt of judging someone so nice shames the feeling away.

Beware! Listen to that gut feeling. It may be right on the money…

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