Real Wounds

Very powerful words that describe so much of what silence does to people.
Speak out. This is a major key and first step to healing although a very difficult one.
I am glad you are on your journey with your daughter to overcome your struggle.
Thank you for your truth.

Vanessa Filo


My story, I don’t often speak of. My wounds I don’t show. My scars, I cover out of shame.

By definition, scars are marks left behind as a result of (perhaps) an unanticipated action. Maybe even intentional.. A mark left on the skin where a wound, has not healed completely.

My scars represent a pain or difficulty during a time in my life I thought I’d never overcome. I don’t like my scars. My scars are marks on my life. A forever-type thing.

I face my scar every day. She lives, breathes and makes sound. My daughter. With her, she carries the biggest ongoing challenge I face, and will face, for the rest of my life. She is my past and future. My scar. She is my story.

My daughter, she’s great. She’s special… She is the beauty of my pain. Though it wasn’t always this way. The pain I faced was loss…

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