Surrounded by Fire – Bushfire Crisis

Emergency warning in place. Roads closed again, leave now or stay in doors.
Just when we thought you were sleeping, you awoke like a thief in the night. The wind merely lifted and you awoke in a rage. You finished what you started. This time you took out our source of energy that we depend on. You melted these tall electrical structures like they were jelly and sought after more ammunition along the way to satisfy your hunger.
With a deafening blow the earth shook beneath us and in the distance we see the color of the smoke turn black, thick and swirling like a tornado. My heart jumped. Fear, heartache, anticipation and adrenalin flowed through my body like an electric shock.
The wind changes, its time to get the fighting source out and wet down the grass before you spit out your ember and attack once more.
Surrounded once again.
Fire, you are not my friend nor are you my foe but maybe one day we will can live along side each other in harmony without pain or suffering.

~ Jean R ~


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