Calm before the Storm. – Bushfire Crisis!

Today I looked out to see the remains of the destruction and all I could see was a fog, thick and moist. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils that it made me cough. So thick I could not see the horizon. My eyes burnt with the potent stench of smoke that was filled with devastation, loss and fear of the fire that rampaged this land.
You moved onwards today fire, seeking your next victory. We could only watch and pray, assist where possible and seek refuge when necessary.
There are hero’s, firefighters, volunteers, neighbors, community workers and friends who have defended the lives of those in your path.
It is not a victory for you, because the human spirit is much stronger and more powerful than you.
We know your weaknesses and can cause you to cease to exist. Water! Our friend but your enemy.
Let us await the much anticipated rain and tame this rampant beast. Fire!

~ Jean R ~

( Written about bushfire’s in Australia)


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