Staying Friends with Your Bestfriend

This is a great article on frienships, best friends.. I thought it important to share with those who would find this helpful..

Mind's Seat

food and friend
So they say that your best friend should be your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Having your boyfriend/girlfriend as your best friend is both good and better.
It is good  because it is one way of becoming intimate with him/her.
The prerequisite of loving is knowing.
So becoming her/his best friend helps in knowing your partner.
The more you know the more you love.
And you can’t love something you don’t know.
So it really is good to have your beloved as your best friend.
It is also better so as to avoid jealousy and even envy.
To narrow down this topic let’s isolate the case of having a best friend that is of the opposite sex.
Since I’m a male I’m speaking from a man’s perspective or this could be just my personal perspective.
Having a girlfriend and a girl best friend could sometimes be confusing on my part and on their part.

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